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In the post below you will find some vital tips for the novice bodybuilder, enjoy!


Bodybuilding is very popular these days due to the great benefits it provides people with. First of all, bodybuilding helps with weight loss and maintenance, it is also effective at combating depression and even decreases a person’s risk of developing a wide-range of diseases including type II diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

However, many people give up soon after they begin because they don’t have the right information and make mistakes. This article will offer a few tips to ensure that you will want to go back to the gym day in and day out.

Your bodybuilding routine is very important, but most beginning bodybuilders don’t realize that their diet may be even more critical to their success. Indeed, you have to eat correctly for whatever phase you are working on. Whether you are trying to put on weight – bulk up – or are in the “cutting” stage where your goal is muscle definition, you must follow a specific diet. If you are thinking about trying to gain weight to add muscle mass at the same time as eating to get lean muscle definition, you won’t succeed.

The two phases, getting ripped and bulking up, are just the opposite. Thus, ideally, you would first go on a bulking phase, where you would eat larger amount of calories than you burn at rest. Next would come the cutting phase, where you eat less and your carbohydrates, protein, and fat would be in different proportions than during the bulk up stage. Your bulking up regimen needs to be comprised of healthy foods, not junk food.

Don’t think that just because you can eat a lot means you can have pizza and donuts every day. Complex carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, good fats, and lean protein are the main ingredients for a good bulking up diet. If you eat about one gram of lean protein for every pound you weigh, you will be right on target.

If you want to get lean and have a six pack, then you need to forget about alcohol. While it doesn’t actually get stored as fat, it is metabolized much like carbohydrates, becoming the body’s primary source for fuel.

What this means for you is your fat won’t budge an inch because your body has to first burn off the alcohol as energy before it can even start using your fat stores for energy. You should avoid drinking alcohol because some studies have discovered that alcohol can act as a suppressant on your libido, in addition to weakening your muscles.

If you want to waste all of your efforts simply go ahead and drink more alcohol, it’s your fault. Therefore, if you are serious about your training you’ll not pick up the bottle and drink.

When you get to the point where you want to begin the “cutting” phase, leaning out your muscles, you will find that cardio routines will burn more fat – if you do them right – than other exercises. Strength training will enable you to lose some body fat, but don’t depend on it for all your fat loss goals. You can see why it is crucial, if you want to lose body fat, to have cardio workouts in your routine. Some bodybuilders now maintain that interval training, which is usually high intensity, is better than cardio. However, the truth is that the more you workout, the more fat you will burn.

It’s a fact of physiology that the less fat you have to take off, the slower it comes off. Those last few pounds of body fat make take longer than the first few pounds took. This is called “diminishing returns.” You have to work harder and you will get slower results but the rewards will be worth it. Just keep in mind that it’s counter-productive to exceed one hour with your cardio workouts. If you want to use cardio workouts to burn off a lot of body fat, remember to do them before you eat in the morning, and plan to have six sessions each week. Give yourself one day off so your muscles can heal.

The benefits of bodybuilding are most certainly worth the pain and hardships of training intensely. So, all you need to do is follow the suggestions offered in this article and you will soon be on your way to building a chiseled physique.

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